David Cassidy obituary

Actor and singer who became a teen idol thanks to The Partridge Family but always hated his superstar status Girls are following me around theyre ruining my whole life! cried Keith Partridge in a fraught moment on the 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family. Keith, played by David Cassidy, was the shows heartthrob, and for its

The incredible shrinking presidency of Donald Trump

(CNN)In the past 7 days, President Trump has attacked the following people — and institutions — on Twitter: * Jalen Hill * Marshawn Lynch * Jeff Flake * Hillary Clinton * Al Franken * The New York Times * CNN Three of those people are college freshmen at UCLA. One is a professional football player.

Obituary: Rodney Bewes

Image copyright Rex Features Image caption He appeared alongside his friend Tom Courtenay in Billy Liar By the age of 14 he had appeared in a number of BBC TV productions including a role as Joe in a 1952 adaptation of The Pickwick Papers. He also secured a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic

Roy Moore And The Dangerous Rise Of Christian Nationalism

But what if Moore’s alleged actions actually meld with a religious belief among some evangelicals, even if the adherents won’t outright admit it? And since the advent of Donald Trump, this more extreme group of evengelicals has cleaved away from others and joined the alt-right and white nationalists, led by former Trump White House advisor

FCC Announces Plans To Repeal Net Neutrality

Since being designated FCC chair by President Donald Trump in January, Pai has prioritized gutting the net neutrality provisions enacted by the Obama administration in 2015. The move, long sought by internet providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon (which owns Oath, HuffPost’s parent company), would give the already monopolistic companies even more power over how its

Interstellar object confirmed to be from another solar system

Astronomers have named interstellar asteroid Oumuamua and found it to be rich in organic molecules Astronomers are now certain that the mysterious object detected hurtling past our sun last month is indeed from another solar system. They have named it 1I/2017 U1(Oumuamua) and believe it could be one of 10,000 others lurking undetected in our

AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young dies at 64

(CNN)AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young has died after battling dementia for several years, the band announced Saturday. He was 64. Young, along with his brother Angus, founded the legendary rock band in 1975 in Australia. Angus Young, in a separate statement added that Malcolm took “great pride in all that he endeavored.” “His loyalty

Thousands may lose universal credit at Christmas

The Department for Work and Pensions warns on its website that people who are paid five times in a month may have an income that is too high to qualify for the benefit in that period. It says people will be notified if this happens and told to reapply for the benefit the following month.

Obama Wishes Joe Biden A Happy Birthday With An Adorable Meme

Former President Barack Obama celebrated the 75th birthday of the former vice president Monday by tweeting a meme that seemed to capture their friendship over the years in a nutshell. The 44th president also wrote that Biden was “my brother and the best vice president anybody could have.” RELATED… Joe Biden Loves This Obama-Biden Bromance Meme The

Bitcoin Soars Past $8,000

Bitcoin’s relentless and volatile rally shows no sign of abating, with the world’s largest cryptocurrency defying growing bubble fears to hit yet another milestone. Bitcoin rose as much as 7.7 percent to a record $8,290 as of 2:47 p.m. in New York. It’s been a tumultuous year for the virtual currency, with three separate slumps